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Sue's Testimony...

I felt stuck in life and had lost my dream, purpose and focus.  I felt like my life was on auto pilot and didn't want to "miss" what I was supposed to be doing.


Coaching has helped me see things in a new light.  It changed my view of purpose and helped me enjoy what we may overlook as "little things".  Coaching helped me really appreciate the people in my life and the path that I am on.


It's ok to just BE and not always have to "do".  It's ok to have fun!  Life can be joy filled and interruptions to our plans are not always a bad thing.  All we can do is work on us and fix who we are.


I have been able to step out in many ways to be courageous and brave!  I went on a blind date, ate new foods that I have never tried.  I enjoy being out of my comfort zone now.  Fear is not in control!


Dating is a new thing for me and I've had three in a month--Not needing someone, but enjoying sharing myself and life with someone--has been fun and I am learning new things even in that. 


Diane has a great way of bringing out beauty in things that don't always appear pretty at first.  She can always point out things I would otherwise overlook.  She is a great coach and has helped me more than I expected.


Sue P.

Adrienne's Testimony...

I met Diane at a meeting, while expressing my certain direction in life.  She expressed how having a life coach would be helpful.  I believe God brought us together!


Diane is a great Life Coach.  She has been very affirming and encouraging.  Also, generous with a sincere heart.  After our meetings, I always felt at peace and directed.


I have gained new insights.  I have multiple interests and aspirations that I would like to explore.


I stepped out to be courageous and brave in the area of prophetic dancing.  I've decided to take my chances in life, even if I fail.  I will continue reaching goals, taking one step at a time.  Diane has great insight!


Adrienne C.

Ruthie's testimony...

She's one of the most wonderful women and friend I have met in Grand Rapids, MI.  A woman of integrity with a wonderful heart and soul.  Beautiful person inside and out.


Ruthie C.

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