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The Beauty in Apples

There's beauty all around. I saw it today in the apples.

Last weekend, on a surprisingly warm and sunny Sunday morning, my husband and I drove through a quaint town in Northern Michigan. The Fall Apple Festival was taking place and he asked if I wanted to stop and explore. Yes! We sipped hot cider as we walked through dozens of vendor booths, each one with it's own flare of creativity.

We walked down to the docks and listened to conversation after conversation of boaters taking one last ride before putting their boat into storage. A seagull posed for me on a wood post. I snapped a picture and talked to him before he flew away. Kent said he was waiting for food. I think he just wanted to chat. As we walked up the sidewalk, we could smell the sweet aroma of varieties of apples. We stopped to buy a bag.

Today I made an apple pie while still in my pj's. Kent enjoys apples, but he loves apple pie. I enjoy apple pie, but I love creating with apples. As the apple pie sits on the stove cooling, it fills the house with a wonderful smell; it's the smell of fall. Beauty. It's all around. I smell it this morning in the apples.

Tonight I anticipate sounds of laughter and conversation. I have invited people I love to our home for dinner. I am anticipating hearing their hearts while we enjoy peanutbutter porter, apple cider, spicy chilly, and yes, a beautiful apple pie.

Beauty has a way of bringing me back to center. Beauty draws me to connect with my longings. Beauty calls me to engage with my heart.

There is beauty all around. I experienced it today in apples.


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