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Pray it to...but Praise it Through.

Have you ever experienced a season in life where you were praying, yet not seeing any action? Or, perhaps hoping for an answer and yet finding yourself waiting, waiting, wai-i-i-ting?

Every morning my feet hit the floor, I make my way downstairs to make coffee. On my way, I pass the front door and peek out to check on the tree in the front yard. Spring is here and this tree is in bloom. It seems to be changing daily and I find joy in viewing it often.

As I watch this tree transform, I am reminded of life and prayer. I want to see transformation; I want to see the growth. Where is the change? Where is my answer? How long until I get to see the unfolding, the bloom?

So often, when God places a promise on our heart, we start praying with enthusiasm. We continue to pray with steadfastness as the days, the months, and yes, sometimes years seem to go by. We see nothing unfold and our prayers can move to sounding more like pleas.

God isn't interested in our desperate begging. He wants us to walk in "God Confidence." He wants us to know who he is and and trust in who he says he is. If he has placed a promise on your heart, pray it to...then praise it through. Pray over the situation completely. Then, stop asking for what he has already answered.

We tend to focus so intently on how we think God should reveal his way. We visualize outcomes that make sense to us. Sometimes we are so focused on our own idea of answered prayer that we can completely miss the fact that God may have already answered. All it takes is one shift. That shift is turning to praise!

This past month has been a tough one for my family but God has reached out to speak to me through a tree. He amazes me with his love and how he searches for creative ways to meet us where we're at, at just the right moment. So I challenge you to shift. Pray it to...but praise it through!

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