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#Refurbished #Remade #Recaptured #Reclaimed

This past Saturday, April 18th, I took a picture of a music box I had been repainting earlier in the day. The music box was purchased for a mere $3 from Mary, a sweet woman who no longer had a want or a need for this item. I saw great potential as I looked at the box, so I recreated it. I remade it to fit its new purpose, to decore a bedroom I recently repainted.

I moved into my house a couple years ago. The family who previously lived in the house used this bedroom as a nursery. This room has sat patiently for way too long, waiting to be reclaimed and renamed.

About a month ago, my friend, Darlene, challenged me to "find some creativity". I was immediately drawn to the nursery and began recreating, redefining, repurposing.

My first try at this was slow going, very dry, I had nothing to draw on. It was becoming a rather painful experience and I was about to give up. I decided to pray. "God, give me the colors". "Please, just give me the colors". He did. And of course, I found them on Pinterest!

Once I had the colors, my heart began to reignite with excitement and I could not drive fast enough to the paint store.

Repainting was tedious. There is so much preparation that goes into taping, cutting, rolling. However, God used this time to speak to my heart. I would stay up late at night and listen to Brene Brown and Dr. Emerson Eggerichs as I repainted the bedroom. God used both of these people to speak deeply into my soul.

In 2013 I went through an experience that was very tramatic as well as painful. It left me asking the question, "God, are you trustworthy"? God chose the repurposing of a bedroom to reveal His answer.

This past Saturday, April 18th, I took a picture of a music box I had been repainting earlier in the day. I wanted to give words to my picture. I titled it "#Refurbished #Remade #Recaptured". As I pondered my picture, God added one more description to the title, "#Reclaimed". In that moment I realized that I had misplaced a piece of my heart two years ago. I had also left behind my creativity. I left behind my coaching. I had left behind my inspiration. I had left behind trusting God with my whole heart. It was not possible to trust with my whole heart when I had a piece missing. So, I reached back to reclaim it. I reclaimed it and put it back in my heart. I am now a whole hearted woman.

I also made a choice to refurbish my "why". I decided to remake it into "how". Instead of asking God "why", I began asking Him "how". God, "HOW are you going to do this"? God, "HOW are you going to take my past pain and grief and use it to reach other women"? God, "HOW are you going to make this all happen"?

I'm excited to see God get creative in the HOW.

#repurpose #reclaim #refurbish #grief #pain #trama #trustworthy #recreate #creativity #wholeness #trust #rename #redefine #remade

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