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Tolerations: What crap are you leaving in the front yard?

Today I decided to celebrate the beginning of spring by taking a toleration off my plate. I started in the front yard...with dog poo. Yes, dog poo. Dog poo has been a toleration of mine since, let's say, November of last year when it began to snow. I could have got out there with a shovel and kept up the pace, but for various reasons, like cold, snow, wind and rain, and just lack of motivation, I chose to just let it go and let it pile up. But today, I got out there with shovel and trash can and scooped away. It wasn't pretty. However, hours later when it was all cleaned up, I felt accomplished. Yes, even lighter.

Scooping poo gave me time to reflect on other tolerations I choose in my life. How about you? Is there something in life that is left unresolved? Something that is cluttering your thoughts? A task left incomplete? A bill not paid? Words you've been meaning to say, yet have not?

Tolerations may sound silly, yet they are not to be taken lightly. In due time, tolerations become weighty. They drain our energy and slow us down.

So, what one toleration are you willing to take off the table? Let go of? Complete? Deal with so you can drop the weight? I guarantee, your action will move you forward!

#toleration #action #forward #movement #motivation #clutter

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