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Clarity through the snowflakes

Today I am grateful. I am grateful for people who speak into my life and I am grateful for those who allow me grace to speak into theirs. These are pictures of my Thursday and Friday mornings, sitting in the same chair with the same slippers and a cup of coffee, pen and journal. I was thinking about how life is resembled....Sometimes we have all the clarity in the world, sometimes we can't see through the snowflakes. Even though my view was obstructed, I still knew what was already there. The snowflakes may have changed what my eyes were seeing, however, the snowflakes didn't change what I knew existed.

So often, we pick and choose what areas of our life we are willing to trust Him with. I want so desperately to live out loud again at 100%! I'm not there yet, and am so grateful for the people in my life who are authentic and courageous to walk with me through a season of life where I boldly ask...."God, are you trustworthy?"

This morning He reminds me again in a visual and tangible way, He is faithful!


#trust #faith #fear #clarity #life #stuck #grace #trustworthy #authentic #courage

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